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Changing your backlight color of automobile gauges

Changing your backlight color of automobile gauges

Have you ever wanted to replace the backlight color of your gauges? The stock color of the Kawasaki Ninja gauge is a strange off-orange color, that I didn’t particularly like. From looking around, it appears that this process is VERY similar for a LOT of bikes.
When purchasing replacement LEDs, We need to make sure that we order both the correct brightness, and number of LEDs for this project. For my project, I wanted all blue except for the redline area (which I wanted red). Before we go any further, you need to decide what color you would like. At the end of this document, I will post some examples of gauges that have been made in different colors to give you ideas. 


For the 2005/6 ZX-6R you will need 12 LEDs to completely switch out all the backlights. Another option is if you only want to switch out the tach lights or the speedo lights separately. Each one uses 6 LEDs and you can mix and match also, it will be easier to understand when you take a look at the pictures. 

There are several places online with the correct LEDs. I personally ordered mine from using the following part numbers:

Blue: EA3528PBC
Red: EA3528SRC
Green: EA3528SGC
Orange: EA3528SEC
Yellow: EA3528SYC

However, it was pointed out that when you are ordering electronic parts online, it is nice to make a big order of other components to help save on shipping. Since only stocks LEDs, may people wanted the digikey part numbers.

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