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Con-tactless Thermometer – Pyrometer

Con-tactless Thermometer – Pyrometer

The device was designed for con-tactless monitoring of temperature. It is also capable to record the temperature measurements and upload them to a computer via the serial interface.

The device is based on TI’s MSP430RF5728 microcontroller with FRAM type of memory instead of conventional Flash. It needs just 3 external caps to operate (C11 – C13) and uses SPI interface to communicate with μC at 8 MHz frequency.

The device operates in 3 main modes which are selected with a slider switch. The measurements can be stopped and started by the “mode” button which is convenient for monitoring some difficult to access devices. The monitoring period is set with “<” and “>” buttons and is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Turning the device into the temp recording mode can be done by moving the switch to the top position. In the later case the device automatically shuts down.

Finally, in the bottom position of the slider the device performs playback of recorded values from memory and displays them on the LCD. The images below show the device in operation for all of the main modes.

To upload the recordings into a computer one should turn the device on with the mode button pressed.