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Controlling Single Coil Switch Machines

Controlling Single Coil Switch Machines

This circuit allow an ON-ON type DPDT toggle switch to control a single coil switch machine motor such as those made by Kato®. The handle of switch can then be used to indicate the route selected. The circuit is also able to control LEDs that could be used to indicate the selected route.
The main disadvantage of this circuit is the cost of two large electrolytic capacitors per switch machine. This could be offset by bulk or surplus purchases of the capacitors.

The size of the capacitors depends on the power needed to throw the turnout and the supply voltage. The value of the charging resistors depends on how quickly the turnout will be returned to its last position. A resistance of 1000 ohms would be a practical value in most cases.


NOTE:Although these circuits are show using DPDT toggle switches, 3 and 4 pole switches could also be used to control frog polarity or signals with the extra poles.

The next circuit reduces the number of capacitors needed per switch machine to 1 plus a capacitor that is shared by all of the machines. The value of the shared capacitor, C1 should be at least 4 times as large as that of C2.

The following circuit uses momentary contact bush button switches. Only 2 capacitors are required for any number of switch machines.

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