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Darrell Harmon Single Board Computer

Darrell Harmon Single Board Computer

The SBC was designed for data acquistion applications, but can be used in many other ways. The fpga is intended to allow for interfacing with user created expansion boards. There is an 80 pin 2mm header with about 65 FPGA IO connected to it. A 50 pin memory interface connector exists in version 20040720, but may not be included in the future.


Atmel AT91RM9200 microcontroller – ARM920T core, MMU, 208PQFP
Xilinx XC3S200 FPGA (Also supports XC3S400)
32MB SDRAM connected to AT91RM9200
32MB SDRAM connected to FPGA
64MB NAND Flash
Compact Flash Socket
2MB Atmel Serial Data Flash for bootloader and kernel
10/100 Ethernet
12Mb/s USB
2 Serial ports
6-14VDC power input

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