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Density column

Density column

Follow these instructions to build a density column and investigate why the layers don’t mix
What you need

To do this experiment you will need the following items:
a tall clear jar or PET bottle:
golden syrup or honey:
screws, paperclips, and any other small objects:
ice cubes:
food colouring:

What to do
Carefully pour some golden syrup, water, and oil into the container in that order. You might want to add food colouring to the different layers to be able to see them better. What do you see?

What’s happening
Diagram of the Density Column experimentGolden syrup, water, and oil have different densities so they don’t mix. Instead they form three different layers. The denser fluids sink to the bottom while less dense fluids rise to the top. Where other objects sit in the density column depends on how dense the objects are.


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