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Design Guidelines for High-Performance, Multichannel, Simultaneous-Sampling ADCs

Design Guidelines for High-Performance, Multichannel, Simultaneous-Sampling ADCs

This application note will help the designer of a high-performance, multichannel, simultaneous sampling data-acquisition system (DAS). It explains how to select the proper components and place them on the PCB to achieve optimum performance. Maxim's MAX1308, MAX1320, and MAX11046 simultaneous sampling ADCs are featured. Test data illustrate the benefits of following the guidelines.


Many advanced industrial applications require the use of high-performance, simultaneous-sampling, multichannel ADCs. Consider as examples an advanced power-line monitoring or contemporary three-phase motor-control system. These applications require accurate simultaneous, multichannel measurement over a wide dynamic range of ~70dB to 90dB (depending on the application). A sample rate of 16ksps or higher is common.

The MAX1308, MAX1320, and MAX11046 DAS devices include eight independent simultaneous-sampling input channels and fast successive-approximation ADCs in a single package. To achieve the devices' specifications and to maximize the performance, the designer must take proper care with system architecture, component selection, and PCB layout.