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Designs in PCI Express® Applications Generation 3 – 8.0 GT/s

Designs in PCI Express® Applications Generation 3 – 8.0 GT/s

The PCI Express® is primarily intended as a high performance serial interface targeted for use in desktop, mobile, workstation, server, communications platforms, and embedded devices. As with any modern high speed PCB design, the performance of an actual PCI Express® interconnect is highly dependent on the implementation. Recent advances in technology have allowed PCI Express® designs to reliably reach 8.0 GT/s using common PCB materials and advanced Tx and Rx equalization techniques. This paper describes a statistical simulation compliance method applied to proven Samtec Final InchTM designs. This application note is intended to help engineers deploy systems of two PCB cards mated through Samtec’s family of high speed electrical connectors.


To demonstrate the feasibility of using Samtec’s PCIE-Edge Mount (EM) card socket with standard FR4 epoxy PCBs, statistical simulations will be used to characterize the full Tx die-to-Rx die PCIE 8.0 GT/s channel, utilizing Samtec Final Inch® s-parameter modeling of the connector and complete interconnect channel, including all aggressor crosstalk impacts.