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Digital TV Converter Hack

Digital TV Converter Hack

Learn how to modify or hack a DTV box to run on battery power.During emergencies when there is no power how can you watch news or weather alerts.Thus here lies the solution.
You need
1). RCA DTA800B1 DTV box.
2). Radio Shack Barrier Strip or some other type of screw connector
3.) Radio Shack 12V Car Lighter Adapter if you want to use this in a vehicle.
OPTIONAL: Yuasa 12V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Make connection.
There is a 5-pin connector located between the power supply and the main board. Directly next to the connector on the power supply you will see two small jumpers. This is where to make the solder connections for the Positive (+) and Negative (-) wires. Use a multimeter to confirm this location with the unit plugged in and you should get a reading of 12VDC. I attached two wires (red (+) and black (-) about 4 inches long. Make the External Connectors and then finish the project.


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