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Direction finders

Direction finders

A direction finder having an antenna system adapted to receive signals and provided with a right-hand and a left-hand lobe system. By coupling means said lobe systems can be made alternately operative.
A comparison means is arranged for comparing received signals. Said coupling means is arranged to make operative only when main antenna and a first comparison means is adapted to compare the signal intensity in the right-hand lobe system with the signal intensity of said main antenna. A first indicator is arranged to be activated as soon as the signal intensity of the main antenna exceeds the signal intensity of one of the lobe systems. A second comparison means is arranged to compare signal intensities received on the right-hand and left-hand lobe systems. A second indicator is arranged to indicate the output signals of said second comparison means. Said right-hand and left-hand lobes comprising said lobe systems are arranged to partly overlap each other so that the maximum common signal intensity received exceeds the corresponding signal intensity received on the main antenna in the same direction.


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