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DIY HiVi SP10 Subwoofer Project

DIY HiVi SP10 Subwoofer Project

Adam has put together a nice looking active DIY subwoofer to match and compliment his DIY home theatre speakers. This subwoofer project uses the HiVi SP10 10 subwoofer driver in a bass reflex enclosure. A 500W plate amplifier delivers power to the subwoofer.
This subwoofer was created to match and aid the 1.618 Hi-Vi 3-way tower speakers. Its main focus was to reproduce ultra low frequencies that the 1.618 could not reproduce and aid in overall low end reproducing. Low, flat and not “boomy” was priority one.


General Info:
•10″ HiVi SP10 4 ohm subwoofer
•O-Audio 500 Watt plate amplifier
•Freq Response: 25Hz up to chosen x-over point.
•Overall Dimension: 21″x 12.75″x 20″
The enclosure is constructed using MDF and the finish is a black oil based epoxy paint and red oak trim. Adam reports that the subwoofer delivers smooth, tight and accurate bass.

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