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Electrified Monopoly

Electrified Monopoly

started with a special edition Monopoly board and added a Community Chest, a water tower, a Ray Gun for the Chance cards, a train for the railroads, and street lights for the electric company.used reed switches and magnets for the triggers when you land on designated spots on the board.
Here is a basic set of things you will need for this project. , ,
– Wire (I used phone wire – 6 colored wires for color coding),
– Glue – Elmer’s, Wood glue, and a Goop/E6000 style glue,
– Shrink Tubing ,
– Heat gun,
– Assorted LED’s of your choice,
– Solder/Solder Iron or Gun,
– Scissors,
– Drill,
– Box cutter,
– Saw,
– Wire stripper/cutter,
– Pliers,
– Batteries 3V and 9V,
– Screwdrivers,
– Dust Mask,
– Safety Glasses,
– Reed switches,
– magnets ,


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