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Electro pet

Electro pet

Facelesstech has a nice build log on his electro pet project, inspired by Circuitbeard’s petduino:

I got inspiration for this project from the petduino. The petduino is a great project to get kids into coding and electronics. I thought I would have a go and see if I could add some more features to it. Also my daughter was really interested in the 8×8 led matrix.
I started with a Arduino Leonardo added a 8×8 led matrix, piezo speaker and a few buttons all that can be found on a petduino, Also I added a gyro and a hall effect sensor. I wanted to get enough features into the design but I didn’t want it to suffer with feature creep so I added an expansion port or as I like to call it a hat.


More info at Facelesstech site.

Check out the video after the break.