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Electronic Card Lock System

Electronic Card Lock System

The circuit presented here can beused as a lock for important electronic/electrical appliances. When card is inserted inside its mechanism, depending upon the position of punched hole on the card, a particular appliance would be switched on.

The circuit uses eight photo-transistors (T1 through T8). When there is no card in the lock, light from incandescent lamp L1 (40- watt, 230V) falls on all the photo- transistor etectors. Transistor T8 is used as enable detector for IC1 (74LS244). When light is incident on it, it conducts and its collector voltage goes low. This makes transistor T16 to cut-off, and its collector voltage goes high. This logic high on its collector terminal will inhibit IC1 as long as light is present on photo-transistor T8.


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