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Electronics For Kids is in print

Electronics For Kids is in print

Finally, after more than a year of work, my newest book Electronics For Kids is in print.

See where it’s available:

So far, it has been well received.

The Wall Street Journal declared it as 1 of 3 books every geek should read this summer.

And today, I noticed that Geekdad has reviewed it:


He’s decided to use it in a summer camp he is running. That’s pretty cool to hear!

Here’s my favorite paragraph from the review:

“There’s just the right mix of reading and hands-on projects that I’m confident the kids won’t get bored.

Even better, the projects won’t insult their intelligence… they feature real components, a real breadboard, and actual schematics. ”

Keep On Soldering!

PS! Last week I wrote about the BeagleBone. I forgot to write what it is. So I wrote this article:

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