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ESP8266 Weather Station on the “Big Screen”

ESP8266 Weather Station on the “Big Screen”

The 0.96″ OLED displays I usually use for the WeatherStation are gorgeous but they could be bigger, right? Recently a bigger version of the SSD1306 based display became available on my favourite channels. Thanks to great work of the community (especially Fabrice Weinberg) the OLED library on Github  as been extended to support those 1.3″ displays based on the SH1106 chip.

0.96″ based on SSD1306 and 1.3″ based on SH1106 running the Plane Spotter

Adapting the code

So how do you get those displays working with the WeatherStation or the PlaneSpotter? The OLED library makes that really easy: you just have to change two lines of code. The include for the SH1106 driver has to be included and then the instantiation. Find the line

#include SSD1306Wire.h

and replace it with

#include SH1106.h

The next step is to replace the instantiation of the driver:


and replace it with:



Done! Easy, wasn’t it? The OLED library supports other types of displays or communication protocols. You kind out more about them here:


With changing just a few lines you can get the WeatherStation and the PlaneSpotter working on the bigger 1.3″ screens. The cost a little bit more but depending on your casing they are worth the money. By the way: the pixel density (DPI) is actually worse with the 1.3″ displays since both types have the same resolution of 128×64 pixels. You can find the displays on AliExpress, eBay or on Banggood and support the Blog by following this link.