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Five Best Oscilloscopes for Your Home Lab

Five Best Oscilloscopes for Your Home Lab


As I had some core electronics subjects during my graduation, I worked on various electrical projects in my college lab. My eagerness led me to bring an Oscilloscope at my home for tinkering with the electrical circuits and devices. For setting up a personal lab at home, you should take some serious interest in choosing the right place and equipment, such as one of the best oscilloscopes available today and of course, at the right amount of budget.


Other electronics lab setting equipment are a power supply, digital multi-meter, function generator, flux meter, line tester, soldering station, etc. But, the first thing you should get for your home lab is an Oscilloscope. Whether it is a CRT or digital, as per your wish and requirement, but you should bring this amazing equipment right away. One of the main reasons for this is, it provides never known view of ‘Voltage Vs. Time’ for a single or multiple synchronized channels. It can provide plots of even nanoseconds of time, so without it, we cannot exactly determine what is happening in a particular span. So, the oscilloscope is one of the most important electronic equipment for your home lab.


Before directly going to buy an oscilloscope for your home lab, let’s look at some considerations to take into account for the best oscilloscope.



  1. Very first thing is your use. The selection of an oscilloscope is rightly depended on how you are going to use it. Whether you want it for a bench experiment or going to use it under the hood of your car, the number of signals you want to measure with it, the maximum and minimum amplitude of a signal, highest frequency, and the signal repetitions are some of the basic things you need to consider first.


  1. Whether it is analog or digital. Today, most users prefer digital oscilloscopes over the analog ones as they are portable and lightweight. DO (Digital Oscilloscopes) provide highest of bandwidths, come with color displays, easy-to-use interface, and provides an ability for storage and printing. And so our today’s article is also dedicated on Digital Oscilloscopes.


  1. One of the main and most considerable features of an oscilloscope is its bandwidth. It is the amount of the signal’s highest frequency which can pass through the amplifiers. Check the bandwidth of the oscilloscope to get the best results from your experiments.


  1. Rise time is also an accountable feature. The faster this time is, the more accurate your oscilloscope will deliver the detailed information of fastest transactions.


  1. Other considerations are the triggering capability, sample rate, waveform navigations, application support, connectivity, recording lengths, etc.


Today, I am going to provide you the reviews of the “Five Best Oscilloscopes for Your Home Lab.” Check them all one by one.


  1. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope

  2. Siglent SDS1102CML Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  3. SainSmart NOTE II ARM DS202 Portable Mini Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  4. Tektronix 1052B Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope

  5. Funny DIY Expert DSO138 Digital Welded Oscilloscope


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