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Freezing fingers experiment

Freezing fingers experiment

This experiment is to learn about insulation when faced with fog,rain,cold winds and snow.IFor example in alpine areas,good insulating layer is very essential.
What you need
To do this experiment you will need the following:

your hands
a washing-up glove
a bowl large enough to fit your hand in.
What to do

Half fill the bowl with water. Add a tray of ice cubes from the freezer and wait a few moments for the water to cool.
Place one of your bare hands in the cold water.
. When you take you hand out of the water, how does it look compared to your other hand? How does it feel against your cheek? Can you still tie your shoelaces with it?.
When your has finally warmed up put a washing-up glove on it. With the glove on, plunge your hand back into the icy water. Can you leave your hand in for longer now.


What’s happening?
Our bodies need to stay warm and at a constant temperature. When your hand is in cold water, the blood vessels will constrict or tighten, allowing less blood to reach extremities such as your fingers. This minimises the heat you lose to the environment. Cold hands feel numb, stiff and hard to use.

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