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Gas Mask Powered Respirator

Gas Mask Powered Respirator

It is a powered respirator with a blower and filter I could wear, perhaps around my waist. An additional difficulty was my glasses. When I wore the Pro-Air respirator I found it very difficult to get a pair of goggles to go over my glasses and fit with the respirator on my face.
So I went looking on eBay and found this “military style tear gas mask” for about $40. It’s very well made with a hard coated face, anti-fog membrane, and comfort mesh headpiece. I’m told they sell new for over $200. the seller listed the mask as used and it had the number “019” written on it but the canister seal was in place and there was no evidence it had been worn.


The face seal worked very well too, in fact I think I could have used the mask as is without modification if I did not wear glasses, the temples of my glasses would not fit past the seals.

I located an old pair of my prescription glasses and mounted them inside the mask with a peel-and-stick cable hold down and a clip I formed from piano wire. The glasses are allowed to slide up and down on the piano wire so they rest comfortably on my nose.

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