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Graphic LCD add-on for CompactFlash MP3 player

Graphic LCD add-on for CompactFlash MP3 player

This is an add-on for The Super-Simple pocket size mp3 player describes elsewhere in this category. You will have to start with building the original design first. From there on, only 8 wires are needed to connect the LCD. The LCD used is the LPH7779 (NOKIA 3310 LCD) with its integrated controller chip PCD8544. It is easy to interface, quite cheap and takes less than 1mA at 3V.
The NOKIA 3310 LCD (LPH7779) has 84×48 pixels. We devide this in 6 rows of 14 characters. Each character is 6 pixels wide and 8 pixels high.

The first two lines (rows) display the artist, the next two the songname. The last two lines are in real time: they show the sampling rate, bitrate, elapsed time and total songlength. The last two are omitted when the mp3 is in VBR.


A fast forward (skip) pushbutton, a hardware on/off pushbutton, an onboard battery charger and a voltage regulator (with LP2980-3) have been added. These are optional in case you want to stick to the original schematic and PCB.

Note that you’ll have to tag your MP3 files correctly. This can be done with Mp3 tag tools (freeware.) It is sometimes necessary to overwrite the data manually though.

This project only reads the ID3 v2.3 content. Best performance is achieved with all ID3 v1.x content being deleted.

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