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Hacking a Servo

Hacking a Servo

Describes how servo motors work and how to convert a servo motor to a really nice compact gearhead motor with built in electronics.
This section is going to describe how to take a R/C servo and make it into an excellent gearhead motor. The changes are quite easy to do, once you have seen the insides. This modification is known to work quite well on Futaba S-148 servos, which are commonly available.

The theory behind this hack is to make the servo think that the output shaft is always at the 90 degree mark. This is done by removing the feedback sensor, and replacing it with an equivalent circuit that creates the same readings as the sensor being at 90 degrees. Thus, giving it the signal for 0 degrees will cause the motor to turn on full speed in one direction. The signal for 180 degrees will cause the motor to go the other direction. Since the feedback from the output shaft is disconnected, the servo will continue in the appropriate direction as long as the signal remains.


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