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Hacking the Atari Flashback 2

Hacking the Atari Flashback 2

First thing is to remove the 5 philips head screws from underneath the console. 2 of them are underneath labels. One is the Warranty Warning tamper label, the second is in the center of the product ID label.

After you lift off the top half of the console case you can now see inside of the console and the PCB board. The Main Board is held in place by 6 screws, the Difficult Switches board is held in place by 2 screws and the Power Switch board is held in place by 2 screws. Lastly the AV cable is held in place under a tension retainer stalk with 1 screw and washer.


To assist in your Cartridge Mod additional to the console, a legend was silk-screened onto the board for easy reference. You will move a jumper wire from the IC2 ROM chip to the other side of the C4 pin. On J3 you’ll need to close the jumper – you will have a choice here on whether you want to make it permanent or not, this will be discussed more later.

Remove ALL of the screws and carefully slide the board towards the front of the console and then angle it up and out out of its place. Note that the Power and Difficulty Switches all have springs between the plastic button caps and the boards, so they may spring out, keep a close eye on all three (3) of them.

So here is the Inside View of the Flashback 2 console with the PCB now removed as well as all of the switch buttons and springs.

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