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Heart Pulse Alarm (HPA)

Heart Pulse Alarm (HPA)

The HPA (Heart Pulse Alarm) is a portable device that measures the pulse rate and the body temperature. If the device receives an up normal heart pulse, it will send a message to paramedics to act quickly.

How the device works:
The patient puts his index finger on a pulse sensor, and the device starts to measure it; at the same time, the patient’s hand touches a temperature sensor to measure the body temperature. These records are automatically sent to a server called “SMS Server” which they will be saved and organized there in a register. The message will be sent to the SMS server only if the values are normal, but if the device registered up normal values, the message will be sent right to paramedics.
The message in the normal mode will contain the heart pulse rate and the body temperature; the emergency mode will contain heart pulse rate, body temperature, and the patient’s location.
The message’s text in the normal mode would be:
(I am fine, my pulse rate is “….” My temperature is “….”)
And in the emergency mode would be:
(I am “Murad” I have a high pulse rate, please help me, my location is “….” My pulse rate is “….” My temperature is “….”)
I designed this device to help persons who have problems with their hearts and they lack personal assistants, and for old people.

Components :
2- Arduino Uno
3- Pulse Rate Sensor
4- Temperature Sensor
5- Battery (7.3V / 3A)
6- Two SIM cards; one is used to send messages, and the other is used to create the “SMS Server.”


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