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Here are Eight Interesting Arduino Projects

Here are Eight Interesting Arduino Projects


Do you know Arduino borrowed its name from a nearby watering hole called Bar di Re Arduino where it was first developed in Italy? See this infographics first, created by Make: magazine.


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It is 12 years after its appearance and by now we all know the super popularity of Arduino – the first open-source hardware and software combination platform that millions enthusiasts as well as professionals all around the globe uses for making their electronics projects prototypes. It includes microcontrollers that can receive various inputs from different custom devices such as a light or pressure sensor.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

Any Arduino board generally includes some flavour of microcotrollers manufactured by Atmel, such as  Atmel 8, 16 or 32-bit AVR microcontroller. Nowadays Arduino board is manufactured by several manufacturers and they also uses different microcontrollers.

In this slideshow article, we shall see an overview of eight Arduino projects that will spark your interest on this easy and user-friendly platform. Please click on any headline to go to the project page. They will open in new window so that you do not loose this article page.

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