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Home-made Sun Jar

Home-made Sun Jar

A solar-powered LED lighted cookie jar reminiscent of the Sun Jar designed by Tobias Wong.Jam jars store jam, the Sun jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night.
Rip open the innards of the solar garden light.use a utility knife and surgically dissect the relevent components out.
Flip open the ikea jar and place the “solar garden light innards”. Use blu-tack to keep it all together. Feel free to play around with the placements so the components would fit snuggly into the jar.
Cut a strip of tracing paper and place it in the glass jar.Use a Glass Frosting spray .Close the lid of the glass jar with tender care and you’re done.
The light sensing diode on top of the jar should cause the LED to light up once ambient light diminishes below a certain threshold.
Keep the jar by a window with strong sunlight to charge the rechargeable batteries via the solar panel.
Enjoy your home-made sun jar or give it away as a cool gift.


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