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How to build a Moving Message Display

How to build a Moving Message Display

This project uses the Phillips 87C750 microcontroller with an Agilent Technologies HDSP-2112, 8-Character, 5X7 Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric Programmable Display to create a marquee style moving message display. Your custom message scrolls by from right to left facing the display.
The circuit board was designed with the microcontroller located on the back of the circuit board leaving just the display and reset button on the front. This lets the unit be mounted on a hat or shirt pocket. Your message is hard coded into code space within the microcontroller. You can have several micros programmed with different messages, and just snap in another micro to change your message.


Replace those funky stick-on name badges at conventions, or class reunions. This is a great project for learning to use Intelligent Alphanumeric Displays in microcontroller designs.

I wear one of these on my hat to football games. If you do the same, take a bunch of them because everyone will want one. I had one on my hat last year when I went to a Broncos game in Denver and was asked by at least three hundred people where I bought it. It had a message —- GO BRONCOS —- scrolling across the front, I could have sold hundreds of them

The code for this project can easily be modified for any type microcontroller.

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