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How to Build a Wiremap

How to Build a Wiremap

The Wiremap is a project that builds digital 3d objects in real 3d space. To create digital 3d objects in real 3d space, a projector is placed in front of a custom designed projection surface made up of an array of vertical wires
In regular situations, the projector hits a surface at a given distance. Pretend there is a screen at the line labeled “mapline” that the projector is hitting. Now, take that screen and cut it up into a bunch of vertical strips. By moving some strips closer towards the projector, the projector effectively projects in 3d space


The projector is fed by a computer that has the depths of all the vertical strips memorized. Through this, we can build digital 3d objects in real space

The Process
Learn about your projector.
Figure out how many wires you want in your wiremap.
Trace out the layout of your projection on some foam core.
Mark where you want your wires to go on that foam core.
Drop thread through those spots
And run your program

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