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How to build an electric motor

How to build an electric motor

To see it spin for the first time….’s incredible.

You can build an electric motor easily.

If you have current running through a wire, then place this wire in a magnetic field – and the wire will be pushed by the field.

You can use this phenomenon to build a motor.

This is how:

1. Wind some wire in a loop

2. Strip the metal from each side of the wire, and place it into a structure to both hold it in place and connect the + and – from a battery to each side of the loop.

3. Place the loop of wire above a magnet


4. Insulate the top half of one of the wires, so that the battery is only connected to the loop for half a round

It’s a really fun little project that doesn’t require any fancy equipment. Just a battery, a magnet and some wire.

Here you can see it in action:

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