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How to install an Inverter into a vehicle

How to install an Inverter into a vehicle

Have you ever wanted to just plug an AC appliance into your car but it didnt have any jacks? Well here is an article on how to add 110v AC Power jacks to your car!
Tools and parts required:

750 Watt Power Inverter.
Drill and a few bits ranging in sizes
Ribbed wire sheathing
Wire strippers
Screw drivers
Liquid electrical tape or heat shrink
Soldering iron with fine tip
Faucet washers or rubber gaskets
Some basic knowledge and common sense
Dremel kit

First get the inverter ready by removing the control panel if you want the controls in your dash and keep track of where the wires go.


You can remove any led lights with the soldering iron, be very careful not to damage or overheat the leds. Its best to heat the solder points from the backside of the pcb ( printed circuit board) and pull them out. Than you will extend the lights with wires, I used phone wire for the stiffness so it was easy to poke the wire back thru the pcb and resolder it.

Heat the points here circled, be careful not to run the solder together from each side. You want to avoid making a solder bridge.

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