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How to Make a Portable Game System

How to Make a Portable Game System

The console highlighted in this tutorial is the Nintendo Entertainment System. chose it because it has tons of awesome games and it is easy to make handheld.
This Instructable will play with a new format; because the parts list is so huge, it would be ridiculous to post it all in one step. So, for each individual step, I will write the parts and tools needed for that one step. I will tell you one thing: get some IDE cable. That’s the stuff that is used to connect hard drives inside of computers. IDE cable is invaluable to any portable. It’s amazing stuff, and you will use it many times in this project. Get some in advance.


This project requires that you already have the basic knowledge to solder, use tools, simple stuff like that. This guide assumes, however, that you would have no clue where to start when building a portable. This tutorial is for you

For a first-time portablizer, I recommend the Nintendo Entertainment System. This console has tons of great games (SMB3, Kirby’s Adventure, Legend of Zelda, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, just to name a few.) and is a easy console to start with. The NES is what we’ll be portablizing in this Instructable.

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