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How to make your own PCB

How to make your own PCB

How to make nice looking ones of your own designs.

Any process that involves making your own board will have a number of steps in common. At a high level, here’s what you’re doing:

Procure a bare board (coated with a thin layer of copper on either one or both sides). Most methods will use a plain board; photolithography requires one coated with special light-sensitive chemicals.


If you have a plain board, scrape off any burrs along the board edge (you want a flat copper surface; I use a fine file for this), and clean it well to remove oxidation and finger oils. I start with fine steel wool, follow up with denatured alcohol to remove any oils or grease, and finish by buffing with a very clean towel. From this point on, you’ll want to handle your board only by the edges to avoid getting finger oils on it.

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