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How to measure brain activity

How to measure brain activity

New York, New York.

After a couple of weeks in Norway, I’m now on my way to New York.

In New York I will shoot how-to videos for

Project Uplift, which is a really cool device to raise awareness around mental health.

Zach the founder and I will create step-by-step videos on how to build a device to measure your brain activity in a fun way.

We’re publishing these videos for free when they’re ready.

I’ll let you know.

In Norway I had the pleasure of visiting the hackerspace Bitraf in Oslo.


If you’re in Oslo, you should check it out!

In New York, I’ll be staying in Brooklyn.

If you’re in a hackerspace there, I would love an invitation for a “grand tour” of your hackerspace! Just send me an email.

Keep on Soldering!

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