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ICL8038 based Oscillator

ICL8038 based Oscillator

The circuit is a fairly easy design: It consists of the actual VCO (ICL8038 with supplement parts), the sine and triangle output stage (LT1210) and the CMOS-compatible output stage using the MOSFET driver chip ICL7667.
The circuit here presents an Oscillator featuring the following attributes:

1.1A guaranteed output current for sine and triangle waves with thermal shutdown and protection diodes

Variable offset and gain for the sine/triangle output


CMOS-compatible complementary square wave outputs capable of driving into 50 Ohm with rise/fall times of 30ns at 10V (new in Rev 3).

Frequency range 0.5Hz to 300 kHz (but signal degenerates when approaching the upper frequency limit)

Single supply operation, 5V to 15V

About 50% duty cycle (non-precision and adjustable via a trim pot)

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