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Increase the power of your ipod itrip

Increase the power of your ipod itrip

The apple Ipod Itrip FM transmiter is very weak. It’s not powerful enough to be useful in a car, where it is geared towards. By adding a bigger antena you can effectively increase the signal strength.
1. Open the case – Probably the hardest step is the first one, cracking the case open. It took me a few trys before i got it. You have to dig your utility knife down a seem pretty deep at first. There are four pegs on the corners and one by the jack in the bottom. You can cut these but its better not to so it fits together better in the end. Slip the knife in the seem all the way through. When you are all the way in you need to apply a good about of force to start it to slide down the seem. Do this on all for sides and it should crack right open. Be careful of the circuit board and of your fingers, its real easy to slip with such a small work piece. 

2. Coil the wire – take your paper clip and bend one the the leads extendeing straight out. Begin wrapping the copper wire forming a very tight coil. The length of coil is realy up to you and what you want to do with it. Mine is alittle shorter the the existing antena. 


3. Slip the coil on – slip the coil over the existing antena. 

4. Heat shrink the antena – place a length of heat shrink tube over the new antena. I used white tube so it wouldn’t look bad comming out of the top of the case. Use a small candle or heat source to shrink the tubing around the antena securing it in place. 

5. Antena placement – At this point you have to decided wether its going back into the case or are you going to extend it out of the case. I chose to extended it out, if you don’t want to do that skip to closing the case. You are going to need a small hole in the top of your case to extend the antena through. I just used my wire clippers and a utility knife to nip a hole and then clean up the edges. You should probably use a dremel tool for a clean and finished hole, but lets be honost, i’m lazy.

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