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Install a Wireless Card Into Your XBOX

Install a Wireless Card Into Your XBOX

Here is how to install a wireless game adapter into your XBOX internally so that you can have a wireless connection, where available, without the extra hardware.
Step 1: Open the XBOX:
See (Courtesy of If you followed the instructions correctly, you should be looking at the XBOX motherboard with the HDD, DVD-ROM, and their ‘racks’ removed.

Step 2: Prepare XBOX
You need to make a little room in order for the adapter to fit without being stressed to a breaking point.


  • a. Trim out all of the metal flashing along the back side with a dremel and cutting wheel, or a pair of tin snips.  You may have to fully remove your motherboard, power supply, and fan; pull out the entire metal piece, and cut it while it is removed.  Replace when finished.
  • b. With diagonal cutters or Dremel if you have it, trim out the underneath of DVD tray so that your wireless adapter board will fit in the same area.  I had to cut out more than is shown in the picture, all the way over and into the vertical tube my hand is holding (marked in red).

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