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iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation AC/DC Wall Charger

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation AC/DC Wall Charger

Let me first start off by saying this is a wall charger for your ipod shuffle and i have taken the time to make very easy to understand diagrams for everyone, originally the german pinout diagram for the 3.5mm mini jack is well just very basic.
So i have shown everything you need to know and where it should go.

THIS ONLY WORKS FOR THE iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation ClamShell – the only working way i know of besides the mintyboost, but far simpler in design and no battery operated.


Parts List
1 4-connection 3.5mm mini jack
1 Male Type A USB cable
1 Female Type A USB connector
1 +5VDC Voltage Regulator (RadioShack #276-1770)
1 Project enclosure (RadioShack #270-1801)
1 General purpose PC Board (RadioShack #276-149)
1 (>or=)8v AC/DC charger (find this at home) – not more than 12v
1 Pack of 15k Resistors

DMM (Digital MultiMeter) or Equivalent – must have
Soldering Iron
Wire (28 gauge) – might need it
Flux (not required)
Electrical tape

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