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IR Controlled Mixer

IR Controlled Mixer

Our main floor consists of three large rooms which do not have any doors between them. The livingroom, middle room and the kitchen are all one large space. Each of these rooms has a set of speakers, and all the speaker wiring runs to a 6 channel Rotel amplifier in the livingroom. Because of the open concept, it is only practical to listen to one music stream at a time on the main floor.
An IR Controlled Mixer

I have long been fascinated with IR remote controls, but have never had the chance to make any circuits that decode them. I recently found an IR receiver module in one of my drawers and decided that it might be useful for something. Yesterday Dan and I decided that the best way for us to control the volume in our main floor would be with IR remotes. We went to a video store and found a Zenith universal remote for $17. It feels quite solid, and supports every brand you could possibly imagine.


The basic design concept was to have a single stereo input and three stereo outputs. Each output volume could be adjusted separately, and could be muted separately. A master mute button would mute and unmute all outputs together. Indicators on the device would show which outputs were muted, and which room was currently selected to adjust the volume and mute.

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