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IRPLLED13 90-250VAC Offline LED Driver using LEDrivIR™ IRS2980

IRPLLED13 90-250VAC Offline LED Driver using LEDrivIR™ IRS2980

Solid state light sources are now available that offer viable alternatives to Fluorescent and HID lamps and far surpass incandescent lamps. Luminous efficacy (expressed in Lumens per Watt) has now reached levels enabling LEDs to be used for general illumination. High brightness LEDs also possess the added advantages of longer operating life span up to 50000 hours and greater robustness than other less efficient light sources making them suitable for outside applications such as street lighting.


High power LEDs are ideally driven with constant regulated DC current, requiring a “driver” or “converter” to provide the required current from an AC or DC power source. A simple single stage power converter based around the IRS2980 LED driver IC provides a controlled current output over a wide AC line or DC voltage input range.

The IRPLLED13 evaluation board is an off line non-isolated constant current Buck regulator LED driver designed to supply a nominal 350mA DC output current. The LED output voltage can be up to 90% of the input voltage, operating from an AC line input voltage between 90 and 250VAC 50/60Hz. The IRPLLED13 demo board is not designed for use with dimmers.