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Java Socket Interface for Infrared Communication

Java Socket Interface for Infrared Communication

This Java Infrared Socket API provides a way of communicating through infrared medium on a Linux computer using the Java language. Thus, Java application developers can develop applications involving infrared access much easily.
The Java IrDA API is another Open Source project from HP, again built thanks to contributions from the community. The API was initially written by A.Venkataramani thanks to Hewlett Packard sponsoring his work.

The API is very similar to API and has been implemented using the Linux-IrDA stack (version included in kernel 2.4.0 and above).

The API is also interoperable with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows CE IrSock, and with Linux-IrDA IrSock. Hence, the peer for this API could be an application running on a WinCE device such as HP Jornada 540/720/820 or on a Windows/Linux workstation.


The specification of the API is not Linux-specific, so it would be possible to offer the same API on a variety of platforms, and have Java-IrDA applications run anywhere. However, the present package is implemented on top of Linux-IrDA IrSock and uses a few Linux-specific features, so the low level part of the package would need some slight changes for other platforms.

Both connection oriented streams (IrSocket and IrServerSocket) and connectionless Ultra (UltraSocket and UltraPacket) interfaces are available. Sequenced packets and datagrams sockets are not implemented, because rarely used, but would be easy to add if needed.

The API has been tested out on Linux RedHat 6.1 and GNU/Linux Debian 2.2 running Blackdown JDK 1.2 and 1.2.2, both using a serial to Infrared dongle. This API is defined directly on top of the Linux kernel, but of course you will need the Linux-IrDA stack up and running.

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