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Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop Keyboard Repair

As most of you already know, not all notebook keyboards are made the same, and the keyboard you get when buying one of those budget notebooks is not always a high durability keyboard, especially if you are a heavy typist.
So, I got an Averatec 3250 which had a few keys that died after about two years of usage. After looking on eBay for a replacement keyboard, I decided that I wasn’t going to pay $60-80 for a used replacement keyboard and overpriced shipping, since I lived in Europe. So, I set myself on a quest to find a way to repair the keyboard I already had.


After disassembling the defective keyboard, I noticed that the silicon membranes that provided the support for each key where independent, unlike their desktop counterparts, where there is usually one big membrane covering the entire keyboard.

The hardest part was taking apart the metal plate that held the silicone membrane to the plastic frame that formed the backbone of the keyboard. The backplate was attached to the plastic frame through many plastic pins coming from the back of the frame through the silicone membrane and the backplate. The ends of those pins are melted flat so they hold the backplate firmly in place. After cutting the flattened tips of those plastic pins where cut with a paper cutter.

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