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Laser Distance Measurement

Laser Distance Measurement

Lasers can be applied to a variety of important distance-measurement tasks. This chapter describes three such methods.
? Pulse time of flight-ranging systems

? Beam-modulation telemetry

? Interferometric methods

(2)A pulsed laser ranging system is a distance-measuring device that operates by transmitting a short high-power pulse toward the target. A photodetector in the ranging system receives a reflection of the pulse. By knowing the time interval required for the signal to travel from the transmitter to the target and back to the receiver, it is possible to calculate the distance from the ranging system to the target.


(3)Laser distance-measuring systems are used for surveying, ground profile measurements, gun fire ranging measurements (military), altimeters, space radars, satellite and missile tracking, and industrial machine tool control.

(4)This chapter will acquaint you with

? Different types of distance-measuring systems

? Distance-measurement techniques in CW and pulsed systems

? Components and critical elements in laser measurement systems

(5)Before starting this chapter, you must know and use basic laser eye safety. You should have studied algebra, trigonometry, geometry, pulse circuits and digital systems. And you will need a knowledge of physical optics, especially interferometry.

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