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LED Dot-Matrix Display

LED Dot-Matrix Display

This is a simple ho to make your own personalised LED Dot-Matrix display. The author has added the complete program with an explaination to light the LEDs with in blue, which is the best colour.
The first task is to plan the project.
Next comes the PCB designing.The author designed the PCB on the school computers, which had PCB Wizard 3. Great piece of software, very easy to use but still very powerful.
20 Diffused Blue LEDs
1 PICAXE 18X Microcontroller
1 serial socket
1 22kOhm resistor
1 10kOhm resistor
lots of black multicore wire
lots of red multicore wire
Once you have the parts, it’s time to connect them all together.The first board he began soldering on was the display board.Once this was complete he started soldering the LEDs.
Once you’ve soldered the boards together it’s time to neaten them up as Remove excess flux,Clean up the edges of the boards.
Then comes Programming
Then at last the finished thing.


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