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LED Floaties

LED Floaties

LED floaties are the mellower version of throwies. Instead of flying through the air in an arched trajectory, they did much rather loaf about on the ground until being kicked up by a playful child or fascinated dog.
Stack two batteries on top of each other and sandwich them between the legs of the LEDs. Use a few inch long strip of duct tape to hold them on completely. To get the lights in the balloons have one person reach inside the balloon with their fingers and hold the neck open while the other person drops in the light. This whole process works best when set up in an assembly line with a few people making lights, a few stuffing balloons, and a few inflating the balloons. Release the balloons. Cleanup is virtually nonexistent. The balloons eventually pop and the lights are picked up by curious strangers. The balloon latex is completely biodegradable so the scraps are safe to be left around.


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