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LED Light Emitting Diodes Circuits

LED Light Emitting Diodes Circuits

This is yet one more flasher, designed to flash any high power LED of any color. It hits the LED with a 25ms 250ma pulse once every 2 seconds. This works out to an average current about 3ma. It is powered by any 3v source.
I suggest two AA cells but a single 3v lithium coin type cell will also work. With fresh AA cells, the light should flash for about two weeks. The light flash is very intense and is perfect for any attention getting night time application.
The circuit uses a TLV3701, which is a nifty single low voltage, low current voltage comparator from Texas Instruments. I configured the oscillator circuit to produce the needed pulse signal. A charge pump circuit and an active current limiting circuit supplies the LED with the needed drive signal, whose voltage can exceed the 3v from the battery. This method insures that the typical 3.6v required by most white LEDs can be produced.


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