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LEGO RCX Brick Voltage Recorder

LEGO RCX Brick Voltage Recorder

This page show circuits that can used to measure and record with a LEGO RCX Brick that comes with the LEGO MINDSTORMS and LEGO ROBOLAB robotics sets.
If you use any of these circuit ideas, ask your parts supplier for a copy of the manufacturers data sheets for any components that you have not used before. These sheets contain a wealth of data and circuit design information that no electronic or print article could approach and will save time and perhaps damage to the components themselves. These data sheets can often be found on the web site of the device manufacturers.


Although the circuits are functional the pages are not meant to be full descriptions of each circuit but rather as guides for adapting them for use by others. If you have any questions or comments please send them to the email address on the Circuit Index page.

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