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Logic Sniffer in a 33.6Kbps modem case

Logic Sniffer in a 33.6Kbps modem case

Peter Murray blogged about his Logic Sniffer case made from a 33.6Kbps modem box:


I have had my Open Workbench Logic Sniffer for quite a while and I have found it to be a very useful piece of kit. I have recently ordered an expansion to upgrade it to a 32 channel logic analyzer (up from 16), the little case which I put it in is going to be too small, so I have decided to put it into a bigger case.
I also have decided that I should create a front panel for this case because one issue that has always bugged me with the OWLS is that when you have unused channels, they seem to pick up “ghost” signals from the other lines. To remedy this I have put DIP switches on the panel which allow you to ground individual channels.

Project info at site.