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Make a bike charger for your ipod!

Make a bike charger for your ipod!

Here is a guy that connected a handcharger to his ipod. He decided to attach the charger to a bike dyno, so he could power his iPod while riding his bike.

Well, the idea was very simple… take my hand crank charger I made earlier…connect it to a bike-dynamo and tada! we should be there… That’s how I thought about this last weekend and that’s what I did… 🙂

…so… wiring up the dynamo..connect it to the internals of my hand-crank-flashlight (oh, and put everything in a static bag :-)..and start biking! wow, this is looking good, a charge light!…and I’ll be damned! this all seems to work, woohoo!

So then, this is the How-to? Well, if you will… the rest of it is more of a personal journal of how I ended up with my bike-charger, things I ran into etcetera… I’m pretty sure there’s useful information in there if you’re into making such a charger yourself, but a lot of the things I did from this point on is, well, how I liked it best, not necessarily how I thought anyone else would like it, that’s all 🙂 Let’s get on with it!


Making/choosing a case for the charger: Of course I thought of an altoids-tin to put this project into… but, I never come across them somehow. I did come across this old project of mine, iNO and somehow, when I thought about it for a while, I decided this would be it… I’m gonna mod this charger into an old ADB-mouse!

So, I got pretty much the same parts as I did for making the cable which connected my hand-crank charger to my ipod… (that’s a USB-extension-cable, a 100 ohm resistor, a 5.1V zenerdiode and a normal diode)

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