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Make A Water Leyden Jar

Make A Water Leyden Jar

The water leyden jar is easier to make than a normal leyden jar because putting foil tape perfectly on the inside of the container can be very difficult. If the foil tape job is messy, it can cause a lot of corona discharge, therefor draining its charge very quickly.
The leyden jar is a high voltage capacitor, high voltage capacitors are one of the most dangerous things you could ever use in electronics. A large charged leyden jar is potentially lethal if you touch its live terminals, and a small charged leyden jar can cause injury and it still be lethal in some ways


what you will need is…
Plastic or glass container
Stainless steel nail
Aluminum foil (or even better, use AL foil tape if you have any!)
Tape (you won’t need it if you are going to use foil tape)

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