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Make an underwater video camera housing for just 19 dollar

Make an underwater video camera housing for just 19 dollar

A good quality underwater housing for my Sony would cost around 1500 dollar. But it can be made for about 19 dollar and is very easy to make. Here is how. You will need a 100mm T-piece, an end cap, a screw cap, a circular piece of glass (diameter approx 99mm), some silicone sealant, and some vaseline.
Use cloth to hold the camera in the correct position, and if you have any, put in a silica gel packet to keep the inside free from condensation (these can be found inside the packaging of many purchases, particularly electrical items). Vaseline can be used for the screw cap end when the camcorder is put in the housing, to ensure water-tightness.


There are a couple of obvious limitations with this housing:

1) You need to open it to switch the camcorder on and off, so you have to film everything as one continuous long shot. You can edit this later of course.

2) Because the housing is well sealed, not much sound is captured, but if you are using music for your project, this shouldn’t be a problem. You could also download some watery sound files if you needed them

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