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MatrixCam™ Video Development Kit

MatrixCam™ Video Development Kit

MatrixCam Video Development Kit is a low power, smart 1080P video camera that streams video over Wi-Fi® and Ethernet, and is targeted towards the Internet of Things (IoT) market. MatrixCam™ VDK revolutionizes IoT by providing vision and connectivity based on an open source platform solution, and enables fast time-to-market for IoT developers.


To make it an intelligent streaming device, a PIR sensor is integrated to detect movement and to wake up the system to start video streaming. The system has the additional option for wake up through Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). On wake up, a push notification is sent to a mobile device alerting the user. The product will have different resolution selection options for video streaming. The product supports micro SD card slot and cloud service option for storage and playback of images/video clips. The camera connects to a cloud service with support for both video on demand (VOD) and live streaming.

Additionally, the user will be able to configure the IoT device using a GUI or mobile application. To receive the requests from this GUI, an embedded HTTP server is provided in the IoT device. The following features will be controlled by the GUI:

  • Network Configuration
  • Video Configuration
  • View Live Stream
  • Cloud Storage SD-Card Recording and File List
  • Firmware Upgrade