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Mearm forked

Mearm forked

Bajdi’s self designed version of the mearm using 3 stepper motors:

Since I was not very happy with the original design I decided to make my own version. Goal was to make it much simpler to print, less pieces that don’t need to be so accurate to fit together. I used freecad to design my robot arm. Long time ago I used Solidworks at work and freecad is a bit similar in workflow. Did not take me long to design the arm. My mearm is a little bigger then the original version.
I recently found some cheap 28-byj-48 stepper motors that are rated at 12V (1.48$ @ Elecrow). So I decided to use those stepper motors instead of servos. I only use a servo for the gripper.


Project info at Bajdi’s project page.

Check out the video after the break.